Huck provides more than just high-strength fasteners. We provide solutions in the form of precision engineered, vibration-resistant fasteners, designed to fit your specific application, and flexible, convenient options for ordering what you need with our Packaged Parts program. Whether it’s designed for parabolic troughs, or for reliable, cost-effective fleet maintenance, Huck is the industry’s strongest, most trusted fastening solution.

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Get smaller quantities of Huck® fasteners and get them quick with Huck Packaged Parts.

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Get the industry’s strongest, most vibration-resistant Huck® fasteners, and get them in a hurry with the Huck Packaged Parts program.

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  • Flexible quantities, order just the fasteners you need
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Flexible and convenient, it’s the power of Huck, now available in smaller packages.

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Aftermarket Tools

Huck HK-150

The Huck HK-150 is an easy-to-use, lightweight (18 oz.) riveter. Ideal for repair and maintenance applications, the manually operated, hydraulically powered HK-150 can efficiently install rivets from 3/32″ through 1/4″.

Download the HK-150 Manual

Huck AK-175

Built for maintenance and repair applications in the shop or in the field, the Huck AK-175 riveter is compact and lightweight at only 26 oz. Despite its light weight, it develops 3,500 pounds of pulling force. Highly versatile, the AK-175 features a unique jaw system allowing setting of rivets from 1/8″ through 1/4″ using changeable nosepieces.

Download the AK-175 Manual

Huck Rivet Shaver

The Huck® Rivet Shaver tool fits any standard size drill and burnishes 5/32″, 3/16″,and 1/4″ shavable rivet heads to leave a clean, solid appearance that closely matches solid or brazier head rivets. Shavable head rivets can be installed in a blind hole where the blind side or back side does not allow you access.

Download the Huck Rivet Shaver Flyer