Stronger, Longer Lasting Threads

Recoil® wire thread inserts are offered in a choice of free-running or screw-locking styles, in both tang and Tangless® designs. Available in choice of UNC, UNF, Metric Coarse, and Metric Fine threads, Recoil inserts are designed to meet the demands of the most vibration-intensive applications, offering proven locking performance.

Recoil wire thread inserts are manufactured from 304 stainless as standard, with such other materials as 316 stainless, Inconel X-750, Nitronic 60, Phosphor Bronze, and others offered as options. Various platings and coatings can be applied upon request, including, dry film lubricant, cadmium, silver, tin, and zinc.

These high-quality wire thread inserts strengthen thread and provide for longer thread life. Recoil inserts can reduce manufacturing costs by allowing the use of lighter original materials (eg. aluminum and magnesium casts) while maintaining thread strength. For automated or high production manufacturing operations, Recoil inserts can also be provided in strip feed reels.

In addition to Recoil inserts preserving the highest levels of quality, they are certified to a wide range of standards, including Mil Standards and Boeing Certification. These inserts can also be provided with full traceability and conformity certificates.

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Choice of Screw-Locking and Free-Running

The standard Recoil free-running insert provides for easy installation of a female thread, delivering the necessary holding power for most applications. For particularly demanding or extreme high-vibration applications, Recoil also offers a screw-locking design, which provides a superior, vibration-resistant locking function in the female thread.

Save Time & Reduce Risk with Recoil Tangless® Inserts

Save time and consistently meet installation challenges with Recoil Tangless® Inserts, the next step in wire thread insert evolution. These advanced inserts offer all of the strength and easy installation characteristics of standard Recoil wire thread inserts, but with a big plus no tang to break off post-installation. Like standard Recoil tanged inserts, once installed these Tangless designs share the load over the entire bolt and hole, improving joint strength and pull-out resistance.

Plus, there’s a growing inventory of sizes, materials, and finishes available – or you can order Recoil Tangless inserts to meet your specifications.

Benefits of Recoil Tangless inserts include:

  • Increased installation speed
  • Installation adjustment and removal flexibility
  • No loose tangs to retrieve or to potentially damage finished product
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Installation Tooling Matched to Your Manufacaturing Requirements

No matter the job requirements, Recoil offers a broad selection of tooling, providing easy, secure installation, for both manufacturing and repair applications. Recoil tooling options include hand tools, electric tools, battery tools and high-production pneumatic tools.

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Recoil also provides a selection of STI taps, for both inch and metric applications. These taps can also be provided with a choice of coatings: Titanium Carbonitride (TiCN), Titanium Nitride (TiN), and Chromium Nitride (CrN) for longer tap life and increased productivity.

Re-Imagine thread repair with Recoil®

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